Meet Ellie

Through this website we hope to share and display the artwork of autistic artist Ellie Castellanos. Ellie is

completely self taught which has led her to come up with unique ways of creating art. No one ever taught her

how to turn on a computer, much less how to work with 3D art software. She is proficient in over two dozen

software art and design programs. Ellie is 23 years old and hopes to begin studying art in college in the fall. She

specializes in sculpture, digital illustration, multimedia collages and photography. Her passion is creating clay

figurines with incredible detail and using these in her claymation videos. Ellie is mostly non-speaking, but has

spent all of her life communicating through her artwork via her ipad or iphone. Purchases made through this

website will help Ellie achieve independence and support herself through activities that she loves and excels at.

We hope you enjoy her art as much as we do.

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